AventWest Children's Mentoring

Tutor Orientation and Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are asked to complete a registration packet each year during orientation.  Volunteer orientation provides an overview of the program, information about expectations and responsibilities and a general discussion of the day to day program. Volunteer tutors that join after the initial orientation are given a brief program orientation and site tour by the site coordinator.  Volunteer training sessions are offered during the year.

If the volunteer is unable to attend orientation or begins after the initial orientation session, the site coordinator provides a mini-orientation and tour of the site. The site coordinator is always available to answer questions and provide support.

Other Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Van or bus driver – C license required
  • Food Preparation – dinner meal or healthy snacks
  • Computer Lab Assistant – Avent Ferry UMC
  • Wednesday Soccer Program – assist with the soccer activities (October and April)
  • Wednesday Art and Music Program – provide art or music activities or assist the instructor (winter months)