AventWest Community
Development Corporation

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

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AventWest Community Development Corporation

P.O. Box 33253
Raleigh, NC 27636-3253
Susan B. Bell, Executive Director


AventWest Community Development Corporation (AWCDC) is a non-profit organization that is committed to enhancing the lives of all members of the AventWest community. The focus of the organization's efforts is the operation of AventWest Children's Mentoring, an afterschool tutoring program. Students living in the AventWest community who are identified as needing both academic support and economic opportunity are transported from their homes to the program sites, provided supervised physical activity, a healthy snack or hot meal, academic assistance with homework and basic skills, and transported back home two evenings a week during the school year. Students are matched with caring volunteers and mentors, keeping a low student tutor ratio. In addition to academic support, enrichment activities and field trips are included on a regular basis.

Vision Statement

AventWest will be a community of opportunity, friendships, and freedom for all its citizens. These citizens will be empowered and accepted to move freely throughout the community, engaging structures and individuals with confidence and without fear.

Mission Statement

In order to develop a more fully realized community of opportunity, friendship, and freedom, AventWest Community Development Corporation will cultivate relationships with families living in the West Raleigh area who have limited opportunities for economic and academic success. This organization will partner with community organizations to provide services that empower these families.


In February 1999, the Food Bank of N.C. and Avent Ferry United Methodist Church (AFUMC) initiated AventWest Children's Mentoring as the pilot Kids Cafe program in eastern N.C. Initially, the program met one day a week at AFUMC with one to two dozen children attending. During the summer of 1999, the Food Bank expanded the program to three days per week and asked Western Boulevard Presbyterian Church (WBPC) to consider doing one of the three nights. An advisory committee was formed in September 2001 and an interim director was hired at the start of January 2002. Through the efforts of the interim director we were able to make contact with many of the students' teachers, obtain additional academic information on the students, and better focus the help we provided. A permanent program director was hired in 2004 along with site coordinators for both tutoring sites. Through the leadership of the staff, the program continues to improve the quality and effectiveness of this outreach to students and families.

Statement of Non-Discrimination

The AventWest Community Development Corporation is committed to equal opportunity without regard to race, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, sex, marital status, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, or age to the extent required by law.

This policy applies to volunteers, clients, and all employment practices, including hiring, promotions, training, disciplinary action, termination, and benefits.

Program participants are expected to show respect and sensitivity to employees, volunteers, and clients demonstrating a commitment to the corporation's equal opportunity objectives. Any violation of this policy should be reported immediately to a supervisor or an officer of the corporation.

Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the program.